Photo to Montage Video Service, Product and Explainer Videos

Get the perfect sound for you vision

Voicefarm adds professional voicing and music to capture your brand and make sure you stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a full brand showcase or a special product profile, Voicefarm has the answer.

Your Project

It’s easy to turn simple photos into an engaging montage video with customised music and Voice Overs. Unlike video production, any future changes you need for your project can be made quickly and cost-effectively without the hassles and budget blowouts of a re-shoot.

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Sounds great! That’s Voicefarm


Online videos is a fantastic way to engage with your customers. Nearly 75% of people click on videos, so who are your customers clicking on?


Looking to engage with your customers, but can’t afford the expensive video price tag? Use Voicefarm to produce a photo video montage with music and professional voice over for a fraction of the price.


Do you have a video of your product but are a little nervous using your own voice? Talk to Voicefarm to voice, produce and publish your videos online. It’s all that easy.

Take the next step and discuss your voice over and audio production needs with VOICEFARM today. Please book online or call direct on  +61 3 9417 7644