Image On Line is a Melbourne-based production studio creating high-quality audio. We can help you improve your sound and expand your brand across more media platforms. We’re all about improving how each client sounds: on the phone, on-air, online, on stage. Seriously! Everywhere.

It’s been our mission since we first opened in 1990, and we’ve developed into one of best and most trusted audio providers. This dedication to quality and results makes Image On Line different from other audio production companies.

Whether you’re looking for corporate phone messaging, advertising audio, or somewhere to record your podcast, our team of experts will work closely with you to produce a result that will enhance your strategy and branding whilst resonating with your target demographic.

Improve your sound. Expand your brand.

We’ll help you improve each customer’s experience while they’re on the phone with you – the caller journey. What someone hears from the moment you say “hi” until they say “bye”.

Image On Line can produce messages that play when a caller is on hold, welcome greetings, after-hours messages, and interactive voice prompts (IVRs). Our audio will work with any phone system – just tell us your requirements.
The best time to speak to your customers is when they’re already engaged with your business. We’ll help you improve your perception with professional-sounding audio aligned with your current branding. Just because a caller is on hold, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to a tired and clichéd execution.

We love helping people’s ideas come to life, so we opened up the Image On Line studios to anyone looking to make their own podcast. Whether it’s a bit of fun with mates, a serious operation, or as part of your business marketing strategy, our podcast studio will help you to improve your sound quality.

Audio is our thing, and we can help you dial up your production values. We can edit and fully produce your podcast and supply other elements like openers and sonic elements.

We bet that you’ve hummed one of our jingles at least once without knowing it was produced in our studios. Behind the scenes, there’s a team of composers, singers, producers and lyricists who collaborate to create jingles and sonic branding that will have people remembering you for years.

Melbourne is a creative hub in Australia, but we don’t limit our talent pool. We’ve got artists who live all around the world: Los Angeles, New York, London, Ibiza, and of course here in Australia.

Image On Line has been trusted by radio stations and media agencies around Australia to produce high-quality commercial audio at affordable rates. It’s perfect if you have a limited marketing budget. We can also write your material, and whilst we don’t offer the visual side of a TVC as a standard service, we have some great contacts!

Just need someone to read your script? We can organise a recording session with your preferred voiceover artist, then provide you with raw audio once it’s done.

Music plays an important part in creating an atmosphere within a business, whether it’s a shop, cafe, or other environment. We can supply a version of in-store radio that will improve the vibe inside without costly OneMusic licensing fees. In addition to the music, we can also slip in tailored messaging that can inform your customers about certain products or features.