Add a little Holiday Joy to your Businesses

With that time of year fast approaching, maybe you should consider getting into the festive season through a new channel, you’re on hold messages! Everyone knows that “silent hold” is commercial death, with many callers thinking they have been hung up on – losing potential or even existing clients.

Yes, that’s Christmas Music. We love Christmas music (most of us), which is why the holiday tunes start playing earlier every year. Stations in Australia may begin playing “Festive Music” as early as November, and won’t stop for at least 7 weeks. Businesses should use Christmas music on hold, because it makes us feel good and influence purchasing power.

Many Marketing Departments employ our service to do just that, to keep customers humming long after they have heard your telephone on hold messages. It’s not only a great way to spread a little Christmas cheer, but also a terrific tool to inform your clients if your business hours will change and if there are any closure dates they need to know about.

Messages on hold can be used on its one or as part of an overall seasonal marketing plan to include an array of public holidays and special events in your area.

If you thought of putting some catchy holiday on hold music on your hold button, but never got around to it, now’s your chance. New technology such as cloud systems make it easy to add and remove music and messages.