Audio Production

Radio, television, internet, podcasts, presentations, social media, telephone on-hold, instore radio, announcements, anything audio. That’s what comes out of Image On Line’s audio production studios. And then some! Our team of audio engineers produce sparkling, professional, broadcast quality sound.

From the simplest to the most complex, layered productions, we can make your brand come alive. With access to professional voiceover artists right around the country, we can match you with the perfect voice or voices to suit your project. Need a character voice, a foreign accent, a young voice, an elderly voice, a rich, corporate voice, or sharp, clear retail voice? We have access to a wide range of talented voiceover artists ready to take your brand to the next level.

From occasional sessions to high volume, on-going projects, our studios and audio producers are equipped to handle whatever you demand. Send us your scripts and we’ll bring them to life, or provide a brief and our creative team can write your scripts for you. Image On Line is your full-service audio production facility. Make an appointment with us to discuss your audio needs today.

Audio Production Process

At Image On Line we actually love making a production of things. The process is simple, and we’re equipped to deliver your audio production even under punishing turnaround requirements.

It starts with a script, and if you don’t have a script, a briefing discussion with our creative team can get your scripts happening for you. Then, you choose a voiceover artist from our broad and talented stable of voice actors.

From there your script goes into the studio and your project is produced either as a crisp, cold read, or we can add all the bells and whistles you need. We can dispatch your audio as required, or send it to you so you can look after its publishing.

Our prices are affordable, and flexible, depending on how much production you need.

Make a time to meet with our team to discuss your audio production requirements and we’ll get back to you with a no-obligation quote, and production timeline.

Voiceover Artists

These professional voiceover artists are only some of the voices available to you. Remember, they’re actors and can take direction to achieve your desired delivery. Can’t find the sound you’re looking for, let us know. We have contacts everywhere. And we mean everywhere.

How it works

  • Upload Scripts/Brief

    Upload your scripts along with voiceover and music preferences. Or start a briefing conversation.

  • Record

    We’ll liaise with a professional voiceover artist to record your new material.

  • Produce

    An expert audio engineer will produce a final mix (including SFX and music) that’s ready to play on-air, online, anywhere!


  • Metro
  • Regional/Provincial
  • Voiceover Only

    $ 90 ex GST / hour
    We'll Record, You Produce
    Voiceover Record /30 seconds
    Complimentary De-breath (optional)
  • Full Production

    $ 140 ex GST / hour
    Broadcast-Ready Production
    Voiceover Record /30 seconds
    Full Production (SFX & Music)
    Creative Writing Additional $20 per 30 seconds
  • Studio Hire

    $ 150 ex GST / hour
    BYO Voiceover + Direct
    BYO Voiceover
    Audio Producer
    Ability To Direct Session + Production

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    Audio Production FAQ

    • I need an ad, but where do I start?

      Start by talking to us. You can supply a script and detailed direction, and we’ll take it from there, or you can speak with one of us, and we can write a script from scratch. One quick and simple chat is all it takes for Image On Line to create and produce audio that is ready to broadcast, play in a boardroom, or publish online. If you’ve never had audio produced before, or if you’re trying Image On Line Audio Production for the first time, let us know so we can help you along the way.

    • What should we advertise?

      If you’re asking about what to advertise, what made you want to investigate it in the first place? That could be an excellent place to start.

      There’s quite a lot of strategy involved in what to advertise and how, so it’s unfair for us to provide you with any info without knowing more about your business and its objectives. We have many years of experience working with small, medium, and large businesses, so if you’d like to bounce some thoughts off someone, we’d be happy to have a chat.

    • What is included?

      What do you need? Our rates are based on the services that are required – copywriting, voiceover recording, and audio production. If you don’t need an element, we won’t charge for it.

      If you only need us to record a voiceover for you to edit later, we can supply a raw voice file.

      Audio production includes voiceover editing and mixing with sound effects or music from our extensive library – everything to get that raw voiceover sounding broadcast ready. You may supply SFX and music however you must have permission to use it. Image On Line takes no responsibility for any issues that may arise if you choose to use or broadcast audio without the appropriate permission to do so.