That’s One Less Thing to Worry About!

All telephone systems need pre-recorded professionally voiced announcements uploaded into them. At the very least, a professional and automatic Welcome message and an After-hours message will catch callers when you can’t. So when you’re getting a new phone system, whether cloud, hosted, or local, get your Telco to talk to Image On Line as well and we’ll make it easy for them….

Does Your Business Sound Stale?

On Hold audio is critical to business success. You spend a lot of time advertising your business, to get people to see your website. You spend a lot of time on your website, so it looks right. And your telephone number is up there, top right, highly visible, to get people to call you. So when people do call your business, what does your business sound like? Does they hear stale boring….

Cancer Council Rally

mage is doing their bit in a bid to cure cancer. We are proud to announce our sponsorship contribution in “The Sh*tbox Rally” for 2014 with the help of the team at GigGear. The Rally will see drivers start in Perth, move up through WA and the Kimberley and finishes in Darwin clocking approximately 8000kms in total in a customized $1000 vehicle through the unforgiving Australian outback….