How Messages On Hold Work

Phone Message IconThank you for holding.  We promise we won’t keep you waiting too long.

A lot of calls to your business may be simple enquiries.  What are your operating hours?  Are you open on weekends?  What’s your website address? Do you offer delivery?  Are you eco-conscious?  What payment methods do you accept?

While they’re waiting to speak with you, you can provide the answers to all their most-asked questions, and more.  Your on-hold messaging system can also set the tone you want to project for your business, so it’s really worth getting it right.

Your on-hold messaging can also work for you outside of business hours by letting customers know when you’ll be back and taking messages for you to return.  So you’re not missing any opportunities.

What to Consider

The type of on-hold message system you choose is up to you.  It can be short and to the point if you know their call will be answered promptly, or it can be more detailed and provide valuable information to your callers.

Your on-hold messaging system can do a lot of heavy lifting.  It can make you sound like a larger company than you are, it can project the personality of your business – from warm, casual, and friendly to super professional.  It’s also a dynamic medium, so you can update it quickly if any circumstances change.

So, if you’re thinking about a new or updated on-hold system, here are some things to consider.  Is your business male, female, or both?  Choose the voice that best represents you.  Younger, more mature, conversational, serious – these are all considerations when it comes to choosing your voiceover professional.  Remember that most voice actors are capable of a broad range of delivery styles, so if you hear a demo with the right voice but the delivery isn’t quite what you’re after, they’re sure to be able to project the mood you’re trying to create.

It’s also worth considering how long your customers are usually on hold when they call.  If it’s short, sharp and quick, great.  But if your hold times are generally longer, you can use their time on hold to educate your clients and perhaps tell them things they didn’t already know about your business.

You can choose to run music or your company jingle under your messages, or use a simple, crisp, “cold voice” delivery.  Add sound effects for fun or emphasis, use multiple voices to promote different facets of your business, go with a “set and forget” message system, or update it with seasonal offers and information.  There are no limits, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options, a specialist on-hold message production company can guide you on what will work best for your business.


Basically, your on-hold messaging production can achieve a lot for you, and it’s an affordable addition to your promotional armoury.

If you’d like to know more, talk to us here at Image On Line.  We love on-hold messaging and we can make you sound great.