Jingles & Sonic Branding

When you’re advertising a product or service, your biggest challenge is standing out from the crowd. You say you’re the best? So do your competitors. You’re the fastest, the friendliest, the least expensive? So are they! (Or at least, so they claim.)

So how do you break through all the noise?

With your own Sonic Trigger.

University studies have shown that music is more easily absorbed (and recalled) by the brain than the spoken word. We recognise our favourite songs in a noisy room, but struggle to make out an announcement over the PA at the same volume. Music gets stuck in your head. Jingle production that gets stuck in your head!

Using our world class musicians and vocal talent, the Image on Line team has built successful creative concepts for virtually every industry imaginable; from Intel to MacDonald’s, Woolworths to Bridgestone and so many others.

Music is visceral. We connect with it immediately. And you can use it to connect with your customers just as fast.

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