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New Telephone System?


Are you thinking about upgrading to a new telephone system?

Many companies are raising questions with us about these new telephone technologies.

Our on-hold messages are compatible with all telco’s and phone systems that have an on-hold facility.

So Image On Line can easily have your on-hold messages on your new telephone system when it’s installed.

Here are some of the questions people ask us, and the answers we’ve found.

What’s the difference with these new telephone systems?

The latest phone systems put your voice over your internet connection, instead of over the old copper telephone network.

Your internet connection might already be fast enough and stable enough to use an internet telephone system.

Many companies are preparing their telephone systems to be ready for this change, even before the NBN is ready in your area.

What will the NBN mean when it comes to my area?

The NBN is not a telephone company. It’s a high-speed internet delivery method – fast enough so your telephone calls can go over the internet.

When the NBN is available at your business, the old copper phone network will be dismantled – so eventually, all phone communication will be over the internet.

This is why many companies are getting equipped now, so when the NBN arrives, they are ready to use it.

Will we need a new phone system?

Maybe. Some phone systems can be modified to connect to the internet already.

And some internet phone systems can also connect to the old copper network, and be ready when high-speed internet does arrive in your area.

In most cases, new internet telephony services will cost less to install and run than your old telephone service.

Can we keep our on-hold messages from Image On Line?

YES. We know all about the options available to you and work directly with your Telco.

What does it cost to move my on-hold messages to a new telephone system?

There’s no extra cost from us to move your on-hold messages to a new internet-based phone system – and your regular updates continue as usual.

It might be worth checking with your Telco to see whether they charge you to install your on-hold messages.

What do I need to do to move my on-hold messages to our new telephone system?

Just give us a call or an email, and we’ll look after it all for you.

We’ll talk to your telco about the techo side, and make sure your messages are moved across smoothly.

We’ve already helped hundreds of companies move their on-hold messages and welcome messages over to their new phone systems.

I don’t know where to start. Which telephone company should I call? Or should I just call Telstra or Optus?

There are now hundreds of telephone companies providing systems and services to businesses.

And it’s important to choose a company with a good reputation, and who understands your future needs as well as your current needs.

Importantly, choose a company who you can get in touch with easily and with a dedicated account manager.

What should I ask the telephone provider to make sure I get the right service?

Make a list of what your phone system needs to do, and make sure your provider can deliver it.

Think of what your company needs:

  • Can the service handle your whole company’s requirements, across all your branches?
  • If you go to an internet phone service, is your internet connection fast and stable enough?
  • Will your on-hold messages, welcome messages, and after-hours messages play properly?
  • Will it handle call-waiting properly? (Call queuing)
  • Will your inbound calls make multiple extensions ring if the first doesn’t answer? (Line hunt)
  • Does the service include a fax line? (Some services don’t)
  • Can your mobile phones be treated as extensions? This is becoming a major issue as workforces become more mobile.
What if my telephone company needs a special type of sound file?

Image On Line can provide your messages in all audio file formats.

We are compatible with all phone companies and phone systems that have an on-hold facility, so we can easily have your on-hold messages on your new phone system when it’s installed.

What are the on-hold message options with the new phone systems?

With the new phone technologies, there are many options available and Image On Line can advise in conjunction with your Telco.

  • On-hold messages, informing your callers and advertising your services to them
  • Welcome messages, which can answer a call automatically with a recorded welcome message
  • Voice Prompts, such as “press one for sales, press two for reception…” or similar choices
  • After-hours messages, telling your callers when you are open, and how to email you when you’re not