On-Hold Messages

The Image On Line Team Makes It So Easy


Greet every call with a professional image


Get your callers to the right place


Keep your callers engaged and informed


Advise your callers how to contact you when you’re not there

Make A Lasting Impression

Impress your callers with professionally voiced greetings, IVR’s, and on hold messages from Image On Line.

We offer flexible packages with no set-up fees, no price rises and no long-term contracts. Our on hold messaging works on all phone systems including VoIP and cloud-based systems.

Your professionally voices messages are mixed with royalty free backing music to result in the perfect combination of sounds.

Our IVR solutions are designed for companies experiencing a high volume of phone calls. Image On Line produces IVR recordings that will help you manage your call flow, prevent hangups and streamline your customer service. IVR’s are used to enhance the customer experience and to encourage engagement, they can also be used as a marketing strategy to promote seasonal events and new products. IVR’s can then be customized to obtain valuable consumer feedback in short customer surveys. All recordings are optimised for use on any phone system, and our consultants will coordinate the installation in collaboration with your Telco.

Give us a call at Image On Line today to discuss how we can help your business with professional on hold messaging.

We’ll write the messages for your approval

We’ll professionally engineer the final production ready for your telephone system

We’ll help you select the right professional voice over artist(s) for your company

We’ll co-ordinate the installation

We’ll help you select the right music from our royalty free collection (saving you APRA fees)

We’ll do regular updates to match your marketing schedule or seasonal needs

Image On Line Offers

No Set-up fees


No Price rises


No long-term contracts


Our service works on all telephone systems, including the new digital, VOIP and cloud based phone systems.

On Hold Message Solutions Available in A Package to Suit You


Voice Over Samples

  1. Nigel Image On Line 0:47
  2. Katie Image On Line 0:48
  3. Marg Image On Line 0:53
  4. Craig Image On Line 0:50
  5. Matt Image On Line 0:47
  6. Kevin Image On Line 0:45
  7. Lisa Image On Line 0:56
  8. Belinda Image On Line 1:51
  9. Bec Image On Line 0:52
  10. Bede Image On Line 0:43

Background Music Samples

Please feel free to browse through these popular background music tracks. If these aren’t quite what you are looking for don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. Mr Tingly Background Music Samples 0:45
  2. Inroads Background Music Samples 0:45
  3. Free Flow Background Music Samples 0:45
  4. Charlie's Here Background Music Samples 0:45
  5. Oxygen Background Music Samples 0:45
  6. Parallel Lines Background Music Samples 0:45
  7. Reunion Background Music Samples 0:45
  8. Second Look Background Music Samples 0:45
  9. Streamline Background Music Samples 0:45
  10. Summer day Background Music Samples 0:45
  11. Swingster Background Music Samples 0:45
  12. The Journey Background Music Samples 0:45
  13. Observer Background Music Samples 0:45
  14. Liberator Background Music Samples 0:32
  15. Changing Moods Background Music Samples 0:31


We are so sure that you’ll love our messaging services, we’ll give you the opportunity to try them with no obligation.

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