An Improved Caller Experience

Professional on-brand phone audio – on hold messaging and IVR greetings will improve every caller interaction with your business. Even better, when current branding expands across your phone system.

Image On Line phone messaging packages are flexible, with no set-up fees, no price rises, and no long-term contracts…

We produce more than just messages for on hold. Image On Line has produced voice greetings for smaller businesses that automatically answer the phone and place the caller on hold, through to IVR options for large companies, which filter calls through to different departments.

A benefit of professional phone messaging is a professional sound, it will help to prevent hangups, and your messaging can be leveraged to promote seasonal activity and product launches – if you’d ever consider advertising it, you can expand that messaging across your phone system, and target your core demographic at a time when they’re already engaged.

Image On Line on hold messages and phone audio work on all phone systems – including VoIP and cloud-based systems, so if you have upgraded (or are about to), just let us know and we can collaborate with your telco.

All audio produced by Image On Line, including your new on hold messages, is recorded by a professional voiceover artist and produced by an expert audio engineer. Further, you won’t need to pay extra to use our music, which will also help you avoid OneMusic licencing fees.

So, what kind of phone messaging do you need? Or do you need a hand deciding what’s best? We’ll be happy to discuss the perfect solution for your business.

Want to hear how your new messaging could sound? We’ll produce a free, no obligation demo. Just click the “free demo” button and enter a little info so we can get started!

Types Of Messages

  • Welcome Message

    A professional way to say “hi” to every call, every time.
  • Menu Prompts

    Auto-connect calls to departments.
    “Press 1, press 2” never sounded better.
  • On Hold Messages

    Engaging, educational & effective messages – we improve the holding experience.
  • After Hours Messages

    Never stop interacting with callers, even when you’re not around.

Pricing Plans

  • On Line 5

    $ 150 * ex GST / quarter
    Production of 5 Messages Per Year
    5x 30 second On Hold Messages
    5x Greetings + IVRs
    Combination totaling 5x messages
    On Hold Music
    Complimentary Xmas Closure Messages
    (After Hours + 1x On Hold Message)
    Dedicated Account Manager
  • On Line 10

    $ 240 * ex GST / quarter
    Production of 10 Messages Per Year
    10x 30 second On Hold Messages
    10x Greetings + IVRs
    Combination totaling 10x messages
    On Hold Music
    Complimentary Xmas Closure Messages
    (After Hours + 1x On Hold Message)
    Dedicated Account Manager
  • On Line 20

    $ 330 * ex GST / quarter
    Production of 20 Messages Per Year
    20x 30 second On Hold Messages
    20x Greetings + IVRs
    Combination totaling 20x messages
    On Hold Music
    Complimentary Xmas Closure Messages
    (After Hours + 1x On Hold Message)
    Dedicated Account Manager
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    Fees includes royalties and rights to public performance for our voice talent and music over the client’s Telephone System, all administration, scripting, production and hardware if required. This is a quarterly ongoing fee with a 12 month minimum commitment.
    This fee will not rise for as long as the client’s agreement is in place.
    Image On Line owns the copyright of all production unless specified.
    Paid invoices transfer the performance license to the client.
    Production consists of up to selected On Hold & Telephone System Messaging selected above.
    Production cannot be used in association with any other media.
    Billing commences date of client approval of Messaging.
    Image On Line requires 1 invoice period notice for service termination.
    If supplied, Playback Equipment remains the property of Image On Line.
    Replacement fees apply for any missing, unobtainable and damaged hardware supplied by Image On Line.
    Image On Line will replace faulty equipment if a manufacturers fault while the agreement is in place.
    Some Telephone Systems may require further programming and installation costs, for which is not covered in this agreement.
    Full Terms & Conditions available at:
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    These are the voiceover artists who can improve the sound of your phone audio and on hold messaging, whilst expanding your business’ branding across the caller journey.

    If your business was a person, what would they sound like?
    Who will relate to the majority of your callers?

    How It Works

    • Step 1

      We’ll discuss the messaging your business needs for the best possible caller journey.

    • Step 2

      We’ll write, record, and produce high-quality audio that will improve your sound and expand your brand over the phone.
      Be involved as much as you like.

    • Step 3

      Once complete, we’ll get the new phone messaging on your phone system.
      We work with phone techs and IT departments all across Australia!

    On Hold Message FAQ

    • What should my messages be about?

      Think about who calls you. What do they need (or want) to hear?

      We hate on hold messages that take a long time to say nothing. They’re boring and ineffective. Great on hold messages relate to your callers and keep them engaged, while you’re engaged (pun intended). There are a number of strategies, here are just a few:

      • Tell your callers more about your business/organisation/medical centre/school
      • Go into detail about why you are the best around
      • Educate the caller about new or other products/services that they might not be aware of
      • Encourage your callers to go online or use an app – perfect if you prefer online bookings or orders

      You can chat with one of our content specialists if you’d like some guidance.

    • What other Telephone System Messages can be made?

      What do you need? We can supply all messages that are required, in any specified format – this includes on-brand On Hold Messages, Welcome Messages, Menu Prompts, After Hours Closed Messages, Daytime Voicemails and any type of IVR prompt. We can create phone messaging across the entire caller journey – from the moment you say “hi” until they say “bye”.

    • Can I record the messages myself?

      It’s not something that we encourage. DIY phone messaging can sound unprofessional at best.

      There are businesses out there who spend thousands on professional advertising, but when you call them up, they give the impression of a small and amateur operation. Phone messaging by Image On Line will boost your perception in market, help to retain customers when they call, and generally help to improve the way you interact with your callers – all for a fraction of your most recent advertising campaign.

      All messages created in the Image On Line studios are recorded by professional voiceover artists, and produced by an experienced audio engineer for the perfect sound mix in the desired format.

      We’ll be happy to produce a free, no obligation demo so you can compare something you’ve done yourself with phone messaging produced by Image On Line.