Jingles & Sonic Branding

We are born to recognise tone, whereas our brain has to learn a language. This is why you can recall a song within the first few notes. Likewise, with a jingle, your brand can be identified almost instantly!

Studies have shown that we recall music hundreds of times more effectively than spoken words. A sonic trigger could be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing armoury.

Image On Line prides itself on working with some of the world’s finest composers, session musicians and vocalists. Many of our Australian vocalists have achieved star status on shows like The Voice and Australia’s Got Talent.

All jingles are tailored for each client and their intended broadcast area and medium, so if you’d like to know more about our process and how much it will cost, please get in touch.

The Best Jingles are Memorable Advertising Jingles

Advertising jingles can be the game-changer your business needs. Some of the greatest jingles of all time usually start out with a catchy tune, and a great jingle should match your brand image. One does not need to be a marketing genius to create one. You can simply get in touch with us. The best part is that an advertising jingle today can go viral with social media, further assisting the clients we work with.

Australia has so many Iconic TV Jingles & Advertising Jingles

Advertising jingles and TV jingles in Australia are part of our DNA. There are so many memorable TV jingles – Snappy Tom, Slip Slop Slap, Aeroplane Jelly, Chicken Tonight, Lube Mobile and Roof Seal, to name a few. TV jingles like the iconic Qantas Ad and Weet Bix Kids are fond favourites throughout Australia.

Radio Jingles can be just as Powerful

Let’s not forget the humble radio jingle. Radio jingles have often been hugely successful, and a short song can quickly turn into a catchy jingle that is associated with your business and can be very powerful.

Ad Jingles are Powerful Marketing Tools

An ad jingle like all simple yet catchy songs reaches customers by using non advertising contexts. The audience is unaware the song has been crafted by the advertising industry and is a major part of your brand strategy

Radio jingles can provide a first class impression of your business and a new sound can be very memorable.  Radio stations across the country or more specifically your favourite or local radio station can play your jingle and make your brand well known. 

Heard Everywhere

  • Radio Jingles

    Be remembered locally, or around the country.
  • TV Jingles

    Combine your memorable jingle with vision.
  • Sonic Branding

    Recognition in a few notes.
  • Podcast Elements

    Jingle, sonics & other musical elements.

Previously Played

Here are only a few of our successful jingles from over the years. Remember, these were produced based on what these brands needed at the time. Yours will have a sound that’s unique to your business or podcast.

How It Works

  • Briefing

    What do you want to be known for? It’s going to stick for a while!

  • Studio Session

    Our team of composers, lyricists and vocalists will collaborate to create your new jingle and/or sonic.

  • Sound Check + Mastering

    Once you’re happy, your new audio will be mastered and ready to play.

Sonic Branding & Jingles FAQ

  • Can I afford a jingle?

    Think about it this way. A jingle is one of the best investments that you can ever make for your business. In a way, you can’t afford not to have a jingle. The same applies to sonic triggers – whilst technically different, jingles and sonic triggers share the same goal and are retained by listeners in the same way.

    Jingles through Image On Line will expand your brand across all platforms and solidify a place in the brain of everyone who hears it. Our jingles and sonic branding play around Australia every hour, every day. Each time one is heard, it improves your awareness. If someone doesn’t need your products or services now, a jingle will improve the chances of them considering your business in the future.

    We do our best to make jingles as affordable as possible. Rates depend on a few variables like where it will be heard and the media that you’ll be using it on, so let’s chat so we can give you a more accurate indicative quote.

  • Can I pick the music for my jingle?

    Yes, but don’t fall into the trap of creating a jingle that sounds like your favourite song. You might love a certain piece of music, but your target demographic might not.

    We’ll be happy to hear what you reckon, but we encourage you to work with us to compose music and lyrics that will resonate with your customers.

  • How do I get started?

    Speak to us!

    We make jingles every day, so we can guide you through every step of expanding your brand into the musical space. We’ll start a conversation to understand your business, goals, intentions, and what you like and don’t like. You can choose to be across the entire process from ideation to final mix, or you might like to let us take care of everything. Let’s chat, and we can go from there.