Meet the team:


Paul Williams – Director

Paul has guided the company through the highs and lows of the industry. He has a knack of getting to the guts of a situation and finding a way through to a successful outcome. A truckload of knowledge, a heap of business savvy and a man of his word, he backs up his team all the way. He was recently quoted as saying, “We’ve had good teams at Image over the years, but I think this one is the best team yet”. That just shows how getting the right people together delivers better results for the client. That’s a key to staying in business and making it work.


Nigel Ross – Director

A veteran of 20 years as a prime time “cap city” radio announcer, Nigel’s understanding of what makes media sound great is unparalleled. A hands-on director, Nigel does everything from overseeing vocal sessions, ensuring the strongest results, to sitting in on the final stages of mixing/mastering before anything hits a client’s desk. Nigel may be a partner and director, but his door is always wide open to clients, the JH team and the opportunity to make a winning jingle

Dale Baldwin – Channel Manager

Dale  is a telecommunications dynamo – what better addition to our team!  His strong relationships with the best service providers in the country make him, literally, one of the most well-connected businessmen of all time.  Ironically his holiday house has absolutely no reception.

Stephen Shelley – Business Development

Stephen Shelley – Business Development

Stephen is in the business of helping you communicate with your customers. His wealth of experience has been gathered from a whole range of industries, both large and small. Stephen has the ability to listen to you, identify what needs to be done and how to get the best results for your business. In his spare time, Stephen enjoys being outwitted by sneaky trout in mountain streams, golf-ball eating sand-traps, and cryptic crossword setters.


Matt Hadgraft – Creative/Musician

Matt’s gift for knowing a tune and what will work for each client is second to none. Writing and recording for stage shows, playing organ in St Paul’s Cathedral, or tinkling the ivories in-house, Matt draws on a vast musical knowledge. Having a Bachelor of Music – Musicology and Musical theory doesn’t hurt either!

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Suz McLeod – Audio Production

With a background in the cut throat world of broadcast television, Suzi knows how to get things done and get them right.

Precision and perfection are just part and parcel of the first class audio that Suzi produces. Being able to hone in on the little things that work, while seeing the bigger picture is a real talent. And Suzi has talent to burn but not burn out.

Kathy Williams – Accounts

Kathy is the nuts and bolts that hold the Image Team together. She knows how the business ticks and the story of nearly every client. She has an uncanny way of making Accounts an easy going, smooth sailing and almost enjoyable. It could be her down-to-earth character or her genuine warmth. Either way, Kathy is the port of call for all the financial comings and goings. And if you want a cake or baked treat – they don’t come tastier than a ‘Kathy special’.

Bob Minton – Courier

Bob Minton is the lynchpin of the business and has been for longer than anyone can remember. An affable fellow, Bob loves people and loves to charm them in face to face meetings. Image On Line’s courier and ‘go-to-man’, Bob knows Melbourne and its suburbs like the back of his hand. Never a sick day, never a dull moment – that’s Bob Minton for you.

Anna Osment – Admin Manager

Anna is a welcome addition to the Image team. With an audio background and an almost forensic eye for detail, Anna is here to ensure everything runs as smooth as silk. With the ability to make a skateboard soar, a band sound a million dollars and devour a book in a day, everyone is asking “What can’t Anna do?”. Apparently her knowledge of Swahili is not quite up to scratch……..yet.

Marina Milisavljevic – Operations

Cool in a crisis, warm and friendly to deal with. Marina adds an extra spark to the Image team with her tech design skills and customer know-how. You know when you deal with Marina, that the job will always be done right..