That’s One Less Thing to Worry About!

All telephone systems need pre-recorded professionally voiced announcements uploaded into them. At the very least, a professional and automatic Welcome message and an After-hours message will catch callers when you can’t.

So when you’re getting a new phone system, whether cloud, hosted, or local, get your Telco to talk to Image On Line as well, and we’ll make it easy for them and you. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

When used effectively in the right place, professionally voiced messages make for a much better caller experience.

What do you mean, “Caller experience”?

Caller experience is the caller’s journey when they phone your business. For example, you spend lots of money designing and then directing people to your website, and your phone number is usually prominent on it.

So you want people to call you, don’t you. Make sure that when they do, your callers have the best experience and impression of you that they can.

What are the options for these voice recordings?

Welcome messages can automatically answer your phone, either right up front, or after a certain number of rings. Lots of people use these for information – such as “Please have a pen and paper handy”, or “If you’re calling about an emergency, please hang up now and dial triple zero.”

Welcome messages can also be very effective as anchor marketing, to put an idea in the callers mind – for example ““Thanks for calling us, and you’ve probably called about this weekend’s delicious specials! Ask for these when we take your call”.

Interactive Voice Responses direct your caller to you more accurately – “For sales, press one. For accounts, press two”, and so on. And on the right phone system you can often get a report of how many people are pressing which option – handy for tracking where your enquiries are going.

After-hours Messages can be optioned to leave a message, or referred to an AH service, or direct callers to your website where they’ll usually find what they’re calling about anyway – for example, after hours reporting and emergency information for Property Management.

On-hold messages tell your clients about your company while they are being put through, and direct them to your website for more detailed information. And you can swap these messages regularly, so that updated messages keep them relevant and useful to your callers.

What would these messages say?

These messages inform callers about your services, they direct calls to the right person, and they give important or useful information about you to your callers. Used in the right place in your telephone system, they can save you time, and help advertise information about you to your callers.

And on the right phone system, you can set different times for different messages to play – very handy for public holidays, date-based information such as trade shows, and marketing messages. There’s many options.

On the new Cloud and Hosted phone systems, you can even put people on hold from your mobile handset – ask your Telco how easy this can be on a new phone system.

Can’t I record them myself?

Do you have a professional-sounding voice? Do you have a proper recording environment? Do you own the music you’ll use?

Anyway, most new phone systems often won’t record into the mouthpiece, like the old phones did.

Your messages need to be written by professional scriptwriters, who know how to make them engaging, memorable, and effective for your callers.

You need to have the messages recorded in a professional male or female voiceover.

You need have the rights to use the music, you can’t just use any music.

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