Two Simple Things To Remember, and You’ll Understand Your New Phone System

Hands up if you’ve heard of ADSL. Yep, most of you. And, keep your hand up if you know what it is.

Yes, at the back? That’s right – ADSL is where the internet comes over your old copper telephone line.

So here’s the First Thing to remember – the past is where the internet had to go through your telephone line.

And here’s the Second Thing to remember – the future is where your telephone calls go through the internet.

That’s why everyone’s changing their telephone system to match this new delivery method. And Image On Line is helping you give your callers a much better experience when they do call you, with professional voiceovers on your new phone system.

And they will call. Because your telephone number is right there on your web page – so you actually want them to call you, don’t you. So you should put as much effort into your how your phone system sounds, as into how your web page looks.

And your web page is – of course – on the internet. Just like your telephone calls.

Are you stuck in the past? Or part of the future?

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