What is a Phone Call Worth to Your Business?

Woman on The Desk Taking A Phone Call

No matter what size your business is, the next lead could be “the big one” and you can’t afford to miss it.  But you can’t always be sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring.  You’ve got a business to run.   So, how to solve the problem …

Easy.  Talk to Image On Line about our Live Answering Services and you never need to miss a call again.

Our Australian-based call centre is staffed by professional operators who are highly trained to help you turn a call into a sale.  The call centre operates 24/7 and you can decide whether you want to take outside hours calls during those hours, or when you’re back on deck with everything to hand.

Imagine hitting your desk in the morning with a list of leads to get the day going?

Call Centre staff can be trained specifically to your requirements so they can look after the general enquiries and leave you to the serious business.

There are so many situations where Live Answering Services can be of benefit to you.  You may have staff off sick, it might be a particularly busy time and you don’t have to staff to cope with the volume of calls, or maybe your business is just you and a professional operator will add to the impression that you’re growing fast.

Live Answering Services can work across all industry sectors, including trade, hospitality, business services, real estate, finance, beauty, healthcare, telecommunications, small businesses, and even one-man shows.

The service modes are extremely flexible and change with your needs.  You can go with an occasional service, or on-going 24/7 service, and everything in between.  

Best of all, it’s cost-effective, and will virtually pay for itself with the new or non-missed business it generates.  

Tell us your situation and we’ll design some service solutions to suit your needs.  It’s as easy as making a call.  And you can be sure we will answer.