Servicing Ramsay Health Care

With expert knowledge of what health care facilities need, Image On Line is proud to offer our friends at Ramsay Health Care a curated on-hold and telephone system messaging service package.

Types Of Messages

  • Welcome Message

    A professional way to say “hi” to every call, every time.
  • Menu Prompts

    Auto-connect calls to departments.
    “Press 1, press 2” never sounded better.
  • On Hold Messaging

    Engaging, educational & effective messages – we improve the holding experience.
  • After Hours Messages

    Never stop interacting with callers, even when you’re not around.

Ramsay Health Care Demo

Take a listen to one of our Ramsay Health Care demos.


  • Ramsay Health On Line 20 Offer

    $ 275 * ex GST / quarter
    20 x 30 Second Scripted On Hold Messages Per Calendar year
    Bonus - Welcome, Voicemail, & IVR Messages
    Dedicated Account Manager