Why Us

Recording StudioIt’s not just what you look like. How you sound is just as important. At Image On Line sound is our whole reason for being, and making you sound amazing is what we’re all about.

A Melbourne institution since 1990 Image On Line can help you to perfect your sound and expand your brand across all types of media and beyond.

From corporate phone messaging to advertising audio, to creating podcasts, to professional voiceovers, unique jingles and sonic branding, in-store radio, 24-hour live phone answering, to sparkling audio production. We do it all and then some.

Improve your sound. Expand your brand.

You can do so much better than chimes on hold. If a customer has called you, they’re already engaged, so why not make the most of that engagement? Your on-hold messaging can answer your most frequently received questions, reinforce your brand and positioning, and speedy turn around means your messaging can respond to anything exciting or unusual that occurs.

Simple welcome, after hours, and busy messages can match your company’s personality, and you can use your messaging to promote just about any product or service you offer. We can take care of your interactive voice prompts (IVRs), and you won’t need to buy a new system as our audio works with every type on the market and is flexible enough to upgrade when you do.

As audio tragics, we love offering new services to clients as they become a thing, and podcasting is one of the latest and fastest-growing audio services.

We have a selection of studios to suit single-presenter or panel-type programs, and we can back you up with as much or as little audio production expertise as you need. Image On Line can help you out with writing services, provide a professional co-host, publish your finished product and more. Talk to us about what you’re thinking, and we’ll help you to bring it to life.

The really good ones stick. There’s no better way to supercharge your image or branding than with a great jingle. Your jingle can be used across all media you use, and versions can be tailored to suit different demographics or markets. Talk to us about your thoughts and ideas and our team of composers, singers, producers, and lyricists will work together to cook up the perfect memorable musical moment for your product or service.

Our creative team is located all around the world but thanks to the wonders of technology, you can access them all from right here in Oz.

Radio, TV and media agencies have turned to Image On Line since the good old nineties to produce quality, affordable audio with reliable turnaround and delivery. We have all sorts of creative ways to make the most of your budget, providing voiceover artists, creative writing services, and if you need help with the visual side, we can put you in
touch with some of the best in the business.

With access to premium voice talent right around the world, we can record your scripts and provide you with the raw audio, or produce it for you if you need that, too. As with all Image On Line services, you’re getting the highest quality at affordable rates.

We can help you to run your very own radio station. If your store, café, or other business environment needs some sound, we can save you the cost of OneMusic licensing fees by producing in-store radio programs, including targeted messages to reach your customers while they’re in your store. Talk to us about getting started with your in-store radio today.

We’re excited to offer a live telephone answering service based right here in Australia. With the workplace constantly evolving, staff on the road, or working remotely, we can take those important first contacts any time, day or night. The service is flexible and suits all types and sizes of businesses It’s a new way to make sure you don’t miss any calls, ever, and we’d love to tell you more about it.