Behind the Soundboard: A Day in the Life of a Melbourne-Based Audio Production Studio

Ever wondered what goes on inside a sound production studio?  Image On Line produces audio for just about anything you can imagine, and there’s a lot of work that needs to happen before you hear the finished product.

Like just about every other business, we have our “suits” who look after the admin side of things.  They’ll talk to new and existing clients to take a brief on their sound requirements.  That can be anything from a simple update to an existing ad, to video narration, to a whole new suite of jingles for clients of all sizes.

How We Optimise Your Audio

Our creative team takes that brief and creates the written version of what you’ll hear in the end.  They’ll think about distilling the message to its clearest possible form, whilst making it distinctive and ear-catching.  They’ll work with the audio producer on appropriate sound effects and music and choosing the right voice or voices to deliver the message.

A lot of our voice talent records remotely, which means we can access voices from all around the world.  They’ll receive the final script and add the vocal magic that only the right voice for the job can achieve.

The voice track then goes electronically to our audio production team who will tidy it up by removing breaths and clicks and other sounds that sensitive microphones pick up. If necessary, they’ll shrink or stretch the voice track to the appropriate length – it’s amazing what a sound engineer can do with a cold voice track.  Then they’ll add music and sound effects, if appropriate, mix it all down, play the finished product to the client manager, and they will then present it to the client for approval.

Most of the time, because of the skill of our client managers in taking a brief and getting to know our clients, and the talent and experience of our creatives and audio producers, we get it right the first time.  But things can and do change, so if any edits, changes, or updates are required, we go through the process again, but it’s usually a lot simpler.

More specialised audio requirements can take a different path.  For example, if a client wants a new or updated jingle, it starts with the brief, sometimes a script will be developed by our creative team, and sometimes the musicians put the words together.  We produce a lot of music onsite, but technology means we can get instrumental and vocal tracks from anywhere across the globe.  It’s always about finding the right artists for the job.

Once all the sound ingredients have been collected, our audio production team put it all together with the same precision used for all other audio applications.

Again, edits, changes and updates may occur, and once everyone is happy with the finished product, it hits the airwaves.

We also produce podcasts here at Image On Line, and that’s another process again.  We have small and large studios equipped for single host or panel shows.  Some podcasters take away the raw recordings to produce themselves, and others take advantage of our audio production facilities to deliver their final product. 

Our Boundless Sonic Horizon

This covers just a few of the sonic offerings we create here at Image On Line.  We’re always growing, adding new technology and equipment, and meeting new voice artists and musicians to expand our capabilities.  When it comes to sound, there’s no limit at Image On Line.