How does your company sound?

On hold messages are critical to the success of your business.

What do your customers hear when they call you?

Chimes? Off-tune radio? Or worse … Silence?

Or do they hear something interesting about your company?

Ideally, they should hear something that informs them, and leaves them with a better impression of your business.

Telephone calls are still the biggest B2B channel

If you think about it, most of your expensive advertising dollars are spent driving your clients to your most important in-bound channel – usually your internet presence or your telephone number.

And if your prospects land on your website, they’ll see your main telephone number – right there at the top – as your main call to action, inviting them to call your business.

Since 2001, inbound channels have undergone a seismic shift, from walk-ups and mail responses to websites, social media, apps, and email forms. But one channel has remained steady at about 40% to 50% of all enquiries: telephone calls are still the largest channel for doing business, by far.

Want to put it to the test? Have your front desk count how many calls they get in a day. Then have a look at how many website hits you get in a day.

On average, you’ll find you get at least twice as many phone calls as website hits.

So if your telephone number is the main channel for your customers, what do they hear when they call? Are they informed? Are they entertained? Are you doing your best to make sure they are treated like the VIPs that they are?

What your callers hear affects your business!

While your caller is on hold, you have a captive client. Your company MUST sounds its best, with relevant information in a professional voice with suitable music underneath.

So – try calling your front desk now, and ask to be put on hold.

What do you hear? “Audible dysentery”, as Spike Milligan called it?

Or are your callers being informed about what you do? And why they’ve called the right place?

How does your company approach this?

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