Memorable Ad Jingles Are Very Powerful

Our brains from an early age learn to recognize tone. We were born to recognize tones. You can remember a song in just a few notes. Your brand can also be identified with ad jingles.

Ad Jingles

Make Ads Jingles a Game Changer

Studies show that music recalls information hundreds of times better than spoken words. Your marketing arsenal could include a sonic trigger.

Image On Line is proud to work with some of the best composers, session musicians, and vocalists in the world. Many of our Australian singers have been featured on television shows such as The Voice and Australia’s Got Talent.

All jingles can be tailored to each client, their intended broadcast area, and medium. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about our process or how much it will run.

Powerful Ad Jingles

The Best Jingles are Memorable Catchy Songs

A catchy song could be the key to your company’s success. The best jingles are usually accompanied by a catchy tune. A great jingle should reflect your brand’s image. You don’t have to be a marketing genius in order to create one. Simply get in touch. It’s possible to make an advertisement jingle viral via social media today, further aiding our clients.

Australia is home to so many iconic Catchy Jingles and Advertising Jingles

Our DNA is made up of advertising jingles and TV commercials. There are many TV jingles that will be remembered, including Snappy Tom and Slip Slop Slap, Aeroplane Jelly and Chicken Tonight, Lube Mobile and Roof Seal. Weet Bix Kids and Qantas Ad are favourite advertising jingle productions in Australia.  Other popular jingles over the years have been be brands such as Kit Kat, Oscar Mayer, Coca Cola, magically Delicious and Toys R Us. Many memorable advertising jingles are known throughout Australia, and some are international and usually part of American Culture. Memorable jingles can make an ad campaign highly impactful;

ad jingles that work

Radio Jingles can also be Powerful

The radio jingle is a classic. Radio jingles are often hugely popular. A short song can quickly become a catchy radio jingle that is associated with your business. It can also be very powerful.

Advertising Jingles can be Powerful Marketing Tools

Advertising jingles, like all catchy and simple songs, reach customers through non-advertising contexts. Your brand strategy is subtle, and your target audience is not aware that the song was created by the advertising industry.

Radio jingles can make a great impression on your business. A new sound can make it memorable. Your jingle can be played on radio stations all over the country or on your favourite or local station. This will help to make your brand known.

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 An Ad Jingle can Literally Make Your Business Famous

We all remember catchy jingles, there are many, including Aussie kids, Australian bananas, kit kat bar, pizza hut, birds eye fish fingers, and two all beef parties. Need help, we are here.