Creating A Jingle That Works

All too often I have heard a catchy jingle or tune on the radio or television and a day or two later I am humming along to that very sound. The jingle may contain lyrics and I may start repeating them over and over again as I go about my day. This is powerful, the marketing has had an impact. Over time I may associate the jingle music with a particular brand. Ad agencies recognise the impact a commercial jingle can have and creating a commercial jingle is a process that should be catchy, and embody the style of the business it is intended to promote. There is a formula that can transform a simple jingle into a nationally recognised example of impactful advertising, Image On Line understands this formula to make a jingle that works and walks our clients through this process.

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Let’s Explore What is Required to Make a Jingle that Works

Process is important for success, and developing the correct process comes with years of expertise. Image On Line can guide you through this process.

Do your Background Research and Understand Your Client

Image On Line believes it is extremely important to understand our client’s business, brand and goals of our client. It also pays to take the time and understand the niche/marketplace the business operates in as well as its main competitors. A great deal can be learned from studying the competition, especially the major players in a particular market niche.

Stay Focused and Persistent

Image On Line understands that the best jingles take time to create, as mentioned above time needs to be taken to understand the space the client operates within and we need to assess the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. The process of writing songs and music is a creative process and requires commitment from all parties involved and persistence, things don’t instantly happen and many retakes and recordings are required to achieve the desired result.

We Understand the Role of a Jingle Writer

Image On Line endeavours to comprehend the genuine message of the organization we work with, and afterwards, make an interpretation of that into a tune. We consult and offer regular updates to ensure our client is happy with the final product. We take on board feedback from our clients as they may have differing ideas or change their requirements and ensure this updated information is delivered in the final version.

Invest in Sharing Ideas with the Client

This is above all a creative process and Image On Line is never short of creative ideas,  a catchy tune and melodies including phrases that can really benefit the overall impact of the jingle. One of our major roles is for us to share ideas, the creative director communicates ideas they believe will be beneficial. The more dialogue, back and forth, and sharing of ideas, the better the overall jingle will be.

Preparation and Demo Work is Important 

As mentioned, it is very rare to get things correctly the first time, behind the scenes we will produce multiple versions and retakes till we have several examples we are happy with. Some will be vastly different from the others, some will be similar. These are all creative works and the more preparation, the more examples ultimately allow us and our client to select the best of the best.

Ask Lots of Questions and Understand Your Client’s Objectives

Image On Line understands that creating a high quality commercial jingle will be a cooperative interaction. In order to catch the organization’s actual message and fulfil our client’s objectives, we must invest energy in conversing with them and acquiring a genuine comprehension of what they are hoping to achieve. They may have a certain type of music or tune that appeals to them, we need to understand this so we are able to expand on it.

Original Jingle Music is a Must and it Should Reflect the Client’s Brand

Music needs to be original as there are strict laws that govern music that has been copied. Also, music and tunes that are fresh, showcase new composer talent and original music is always remembered. Radio stations and music production companies as well as the audience love hearing catch new songs and this is our strength at Image On Line.

Sometimes it Pays for Aspiring Jingle Writers and Seasoned Pros Alike to Take Risks

The best ad agency or production company will take calculated risks at the right time, Acoustic songs or dance tracks may be in vogue, and some jingles may reach a target audience like baby boomers or perhaps a youth orientated audience. Commercial jingles will usually have a particular style that may be designed to be a radio jingle or for those who watch channels and flick through their television. Commercial jingles will often encompass a specific sound, above all this is a collaborative process and the jingle writer will ensure new ideas and the overall message is delivered with the desired impact.

Popular Commercial Jingles and Advertising Jingles Boost Brand Recognition

Jingle writing and creating an advertising jingle so it can achieve its desired result takes years of practice. Great jingles thankfully is something that Image On Line specialises in, we use our own music, a proven methodology for coming up with jingle ideas and jingle writing. A successful jingle idea can really help your business so contact us and get started.