Does Your Business Sound Stale?

On Hold audio is critical to business success.

You spend a lot of time advertising your business, to get people to see your website. You spend a lot of time on your website, so it looks right. And your telephone number is up there, top right, highly visible, to get people to call you.

So when people do call your business, what does your business sound like?

Does they hear stale boring audio? Annoying chimes? Or an off-tuned radio station? You’ll make them hang up.

Or do you hear beeps – so your business sound like a reversing delivery truck? Or silence…

“Is anybody there?” … And when you take their call, do you hear them snoring because they’ve fallen asleep waiting?

Please, don’t do this to your callers. The best sound for your messages on hold is a professional voice, informing your callers about you, and what you do.

Instead of stale audio, make sure they’re informed and interested by what they hear.

Instead, have your callers hear professional On Hold Messages, from Image On Line, especially scripted and produced to suit your business.

Tell them about your company, and how good it is. Tell them about where you are, what else you do that they didn’t know about, or give them ideas of what to ask you when you take their call.

Your callers are critical to your business success. For goodness sake, don’t put them to sleep while they are on hold, with chimes, beeps, or silence. Don’t make them hang up with annoying electronic music.

How does your company solve this? Visit and learn how we can help. And our telephone number’s there for you, just like yours is for your callers. Call us, and hear how good we sound.

And we’ll get your business sounding really good too.

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