If You Forget… Our On Hold Message Won’t

Picture this: It’s Monday morning and your doors have just opened for business, several customers make their way to the register, the phone is ringing and there is an inbox which need to be checked. 

You’ve just sold someone a fishing rod but forgot to mention anything about the bait and tackle boxes that are on sale. They may need maps and advice on the best fishing spots, but it completely slipped your mind to share your experience and know how.

With the constant demands of running a business, it’s easy to forget

Unfortunately, there is valuable member of your team that often goes neglected: your telephones and your ‘messages on hold’. Your messages on hold give you the perfect opportunity to quietly and effectively inform, sell, and ‘cross-sell’, callers waiting on-hold.

The fact that they’ve called and are now waiting on hold, the caller has already shown interest in your business and purchasing your product. The on hold messages they hear will remind them that they may also need another product or service as well.

Think of your callers as a captive ‘audience’ and during this time they’ll learn a whole lot more about the products and services they may not have known you offer or hadn’t even thought about.

With On Hold music and on Hold messages you’ve got a pleasant, professional and very inexpensive sales force quietly working for you.

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