The Importance Of An On Hold Message

Various businesses go to play the music, message and sometimes the mix for their callers. It is usually for the waiting time when the caller wants to speak to a live person. At this crucial time, the recorded message makes the caller feel connected. The importance of an On Hold Message cannot be overlooked

Depending on the business type, the message will be different. Let’s get to know why having a great on hold message is important!

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What Is An On Hold Message?

On-hold messaging is a vital factor for companies. Here is a brief definition—

It is a service utilized by the organizations to provide valuable information to callers while they are on hold before being transferred.”

Besides, on hold messages also come in the effective parts of branding and marketing. Thus, also called audio marketing. Using the audio medium, on-hold messaging represents the business personality.

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What Should Be Included In Your Message?

The first thing to consider is “Who is calling you?” Next, think about what information they will desire or be helpful for them.

Everyone hates the on hold messages that are silent for an extended period. They are ineffectual and uninteresting. There are some things below that can make your on hold message impactful:

  • Give callers more information about your organization.
  • Describe in detail why you are the greatest around.
  • Make your callers interested by encouraging them to use an app to learn more about new additions.

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A Few Types Of Messages For Business

A welcome message is a way to say “Hello” to every single call. A professional welcome message can help businesses to look good.

In menu prompts, the inclusion is the auto-connect call to the departments. The reason to do this is that using “Press 1 and Press 2” is not interesting to hear.

After-hours messages are helping businesses to make the callers feel connected. It is a good way to be there for your customers even when you are not around.

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Importance Of An On Hold message

The on hold message is the way to keep your callers feeling connected while they are waiting. According to a survey, 70% of callers who are placed on hold in silence hang up within 60 seconds. Some callers who hear nothing believe they were disconnected. Thus, on hold messages are important for client retention.

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When the caller is still on the line, a business can advertise to them via on hold messages. Companies can utilize on-hold messaging to inform customers about new services or features. Additionally, on-hold messaging enables a company to give a caller access to immediate ordering information and product/service information.

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On hold messages can help a company cut down on call volume. Minimizing the number of calls that need to be handled by live representatives is made possible by this messaging. It provides a response to a frequently asked question or details of an uncommon incident.

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Some Reasons To Implement On-Hold Messaging In Business

Your callers are a captive audience during the time they are placed on hold. When callers are placed on hold, having messaging available keeps them somewhat occupied and entertained. More importantly, your company can make the most of that captive customer time.

Your on hold messages speed up call processing effectively. Besides, it reduces call handling time metrics if you include introductory information in them. Minimize the time you (or your employees) spend waiting for a customer to dig out this information. It will also create a professional image of the business.

Before the caller even speaks to an employee, a series of on hold messages and music can help build the mood for your company. “Yes, what…?” is a rude way to speak and overworks an employee’s response to a customer’s call, which gives them an initial negative impression of your company. So, setting a business tone is crucial.

Your organization will become more responsive, communicative, and “personable” by adding seasonal, holiday, or other brief messages. The messages might include facility closure or construction notifications. Like holiday and seasonal messages are excellent occasions to wish consumers well and express gratitude.

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Hire Professionals For On Hold Message

Nowadays, businesses prefer to go with professionals for every single task. Similarly, it is always better to design your on hold message from experts like Image On Line. They provide excellent on-brand phone messaging with audio. It will help you in expanding your branding over the phone systems.

Voice experts who can convey your message clearly by using a variety of tones will help you in creating a solid image. Since many people engage with audio much better than text, and those with low vision greatly benefit from an audible voice message. A professional on hold message service will greatly help you with this.

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No DIY In Creating An On Hold Message

We suggest you go for other services than DIY your on-hold messaging! There are companies out there that spend thousands on expert advertising, but when you call them, they sound small and unprofessional. 

For a fraction of the cost of your most recent advertising campaign, phone messaging from Image On Line will improve your caller interactions. Besides, client retention will increase when they call and improve your brand’s perception in the market.

Professional voiceover artists record all messages in the Image On Line studios, and an accomplished audio engineer produces them for the ideal sound mix in the required format.

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On hold messages must be carefully written and timed to have the desired effects. Customers contacting a phone number for billing issues, for instance, may already be angry. So, an on hold message that heavily encourages online service can handle the situation.

The message’s content should also change. Customers will hear the same message five times before speaking to a live person. So, if they typically wait five minutes, one minute of repeated content is insufficient. Contact Image On Line to get the desired on hold message for your business.

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