Music and Messages On Hold: The Unexpected Solution

Typically, when you call a business and are put on hold, what do you suppose you’ll hear? A loop of hold music with the occasional “Sorry to keep you waiting, we’ll be with you shortly” announcement is pretty standard, the businesses using this approach are doing nothing more than confirming the callers’ worst fears: another infuriating on hold experience has begun.

The American Psychological Association found that 70% of callers who hear music only while holding will hang up before their call is answered. 

70% of callers hung up before their call was answered when they heard music only

67% of callers hung up before their call was answered when they heard music with an apology

80% of callers prefer informative messages

If a caller were to hear a promotional telephone on hold message about your business, now, that would the unexpected solution to the boring on hold problem. Marketing or promoting your business is all about engaging and retaining your audience. How you will connect with your customers will depend on the sort of business you’re running. If you are involved in a service type business, you should try to communicate with your customers on a one-on-one basis. A small thing can go a long way and a happy customer is good customer.

So, if you think messages on hold service would be the right solution for you, then contact us today and let your callers hear the unexpected! 

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